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  1. first of all thank all of you for replying to visitors hell, i was beginning to think it was just me. now my new project is helping to educate the public about the nurse shortage, i,m thinking about speaking in the local schools and maybe trying to give inservices on why there is a shortage and what each of us can do to help with it. one of the things i'm looking for is nursing posters, pins etc to promote nursing, any ideas appreciated.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Sounds like a winning idea.

    I wonder how exactly you would go about listing all the good things to recruit.....and at the same time educating the public about the whys and wherefores of the shortage?

    Several years back there were bumper stickers.


    And there is always the

    EVERYONE DESERVES AN RN......not one of my alltime faves...

    how about


    I'd like to see hospitals and medical societies promoting scholarships/work study grants etc. Right now you have to BE an employee before you get tuition assistance.

    How about some education on what you should expect the nurse to do/be and what is an unreasonable request.

    How about a follow a nurse video....a real nurse on a real day?

    Good luck

  4. by   thisnurse
    great proactive idea...just wondering...who is your target audience?
  5. by   woo 2
    actually i thought i would give my first inservice in the facility that i work in, problem is i am not a great public speaker. i have identifed 2 objectives, 1 causes of the shortage and 2 lack of the 3 R,s for nurses my goal is to try to get my fellow employees to become more pro active. my real problem is i have not spoken to children , other then my own, ha ha. i thought maybe if i contacted the guidance counselors of my local middle schools i could go in and try to encourage kids to choose nursing. i have mixed feelings about this, nursing is in a terrible state right now, but i also believe that if we as nurses don't do something, then we are part of the problem, i choose to be part of the solution. any help would be appreciated, i had hoped there would be someplace where i could get something like pins or pencils or somethint i could give to the kids when i spoke any help appreciated