Thank YOU all!

  1. I am new here and would like to take a moment of your time. I am going to begin nursing classes in august. I just wanted to say THANK you all so much for the laughs, the sad stories, the serious stories, and all of the other interesting subject matter that you guys have put in here. This site makes me feel so much better about starting nursing. I am really kind of scared but I think I will enjoy it. Again thank you all so much for the wonderful place this is.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Well, VelvetRope, if you've read a bunch of posts here and haven't been scared off, I'm thrilled you are going into the nursing profession! I've enjoyed it, even though there have been many times when I've wondered "what WAS I thinking when I chose THIS path?"
    Good luck in school; come visit us as needed; and come work with us once you have finished school. Heaven knows we need more nurses!
  4. by   nightingale
    Welcome to grandest proffession! and yes, I too have days where I wonder "What was I thinking"!?