1. Hey Ya'll!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I have got the biggest problem taking test. I can Study all day/night long, and I will know it all, but when I go to take my test, I go BLANK! I will forget everything! But what is so bad about it, I can go back after my test is graded and I can tell you the answer to every question. This was a big problem last year, I would make A's on all of my work and then bomb my test! Very Very Very Annoying! But this year, I am going to start taking MAJOR test (Exit test, ect.) and it is going to be really bad if I have that problem at test time. If you have any advice at all, let me know please!!!!!

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  3. by   mc40421
    I can clearly remember one test in particular that I took in my Algebra class. I studied very hard and had even gone to the college's math lab for help so I knew I was prepared, but when I got the test in front of me my mind went blank and I started to panic. I finally took a couple of deep breaths then tried to focus on just my paper and not what everyone else was doing around me. I covered up all the questions and just took them one at a time and before I knew it I had settled into a rhythm and finished the test. This also help when I took multiple choice tests. I covered up all of the answers and uncovered one at a time and it really makes a difference. Before I took my state boards I took a refresher choice and this was one of the things they taught it then. Try it and see how it works out. You've got nothing to lose! Good luck!
  4. by   RNbrat
    the same thing happens to me
  5. by   Cowgirl
    Thanks alot, I will try for sure!
  6. by   live4today
    Some people have "test anxiety" and tend not to do well on written exams. My oldest daughter use to have this problem early in her educational years as a child. The teacher began to test her "orally", and one on one separate from the other students, and she ACED her work every time, but give her a written test, and she would simply freeze in time. Bless her heart! The older she got, the better she became as a student...thank God for that! Perhaps this is what is wrong with you, Megan. Ask the teacher if she will test you "orally" and see how you do. :kiss
  7. by   Cowgirl
    I have always done better with things being read to me. Don't know why I didn't think of that! LOL! Thankx!