1. Is there a medical term for "projectile vomiting?" Perhaps combining "emesis" with "rrhage" or "rrhagia"
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    Wow, LOL...I use the term projectile vomiting because not to many people will NOT understand that! LOL! Or large emesis under extreme pressure and force! I tend to document with words people do tend to understand vs using all the medical terminiology in every case. Heck..I have run into other nurses that would have to look up that term because they hadn't seen it in a while or never used it...so I basically use words to describe instead of terminiology all the time!

    And another side note...some days I can't spell worth a darn and nothing seems as silly as writing a technical term with the wrong spelling! LOL! DOH! So I have learned to explain things simply and to the point instead of using a word I will mispell! LOL!

    OH yeah...we just had a pt that had this..and they called it hyperemesis (but to me it was like...you mean several episodes? Dry heaves? Projectile?...so I tend to explain it so others know exactly what it is!).
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