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(update added below) original post: for those of you who have taken the teas & the nln for entrance..which do you feel was harder? what were your hardest subjects for each one? what were your... Read More

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    Quote from CocoBella
    UPDATE: I got an 88.2% on the TEAS! I am in the 99th percentile ranking for the program and 93rd percentile nationally! Wow. I can't believe this. I did even a little bit better on this exam than the last (although I ranked 96th percentile for the NLN) and this is the one I was TERRIFIED OF!
    CONGRATULATIONS! That is an amazing score. So now that you've taken the TEAS, how would you say the science section is? I haven't taken chemistry, physics, or classes like that. Was there a lot about that stuff? Thanks and good job!
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    Quote from AndiCandy12
    I'm kinda in the same boat as u. I have the NLN coming up and its been years since I've even thought about chemisry and physics. I bought chemistry and physics self teaching guides off of amazon and it goes over all the basic stuff. Its great! Its also giving me more confidence for the upcoming exam. Good luck to u!

    That's awesome. I think you should really be set then.
    Would you believe it...out of all the questions..only 30 were in the science section?!
    Of those,maybe 4-6 were physics/chemistry related. ALL THAT STUDYING FOR THAT?! lol
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    Quote from Tallync
    CONGRATULATIONS! That is an amazing score. So now that you've taken the TEAS, how would you say the science section is? I haven't taken chemistry, physics, or classes like that. Was there a lot about that stuff? Thanks and good job!

    You know what? I haven't taken physics @ ALL..and I took chemistry YEARS ago. I did fine in it..but in my mind, my brain was so burnt out by the time it was over..I feel that I practically forgot EVERYTHING.

    I think most of us stress the science part TERRIBLY. If you can do really well on the other areas..and just get by with science..you should be fine. Like I said, for all of the studying I did...there were only 30 Science questions on the entire TEAS exam! Of those 30..only 4-6 (max) were chemistry/physics related in some shape/form.

    On the online pracitce TEAS I got a 74%..so I was for sure that I was going to get that..or maybe less..on the actual thing...so you'd be amazed! I only had 3.5 hours of sleep the morning of..I was REALLY nervous..I almost wanted to cry.

    I think I probably gained a few percent by just reading ALL of the questions really carefully. I know that sounds typical, but ONE word in the question can change it from being the correct answer to the answer you think is correct. Does that make sense? Basically..sometimes I have read the question quickly and done the math and answered it and gotten it wrong...and I said..no way..I did this right..then I looked again and it wasn't because I worked out the equation wrong..I read it wrong! That's all .

    I would say to make flashcards from the book and play online science games. Of all 30 science questions on that exam, maybe 5 were even related to what the book has you study. At least I think so. So just study a LOT of general science. I went online and would play games/quizzes as well..refresh myself about cells and memorized a few of the most basic physics formulas.

    Good Luck!
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  4. by   Tallync
    Thank you so much for the advice and suggestions! I have until November to sit and study and prepare for it but it just doesn't feel like enough time. Your advice will be extremely helpful. Thank you!
  5. by   RN DREAMiN
    I took the TEAS exam last weekend at Sacramento State University. I wasn't able to get the study guide until a couple days before the exam. I mostly focused on the math portion, since math is my worst subject. I didn't feel too prepared, but I went for it anyways. I got a 74%. I am pretty dissappointed with my score- even though my school only requires a 67% for entrance to the program. I am disappointed in myself because I could of done better.

    I got 99% on english, but not so good on the other sections. The science was more difficult than I expected. There were no questions on A&P; instead I was asked questions about lava rocks and clouds. I have never taken a geology class or anything of the sort except in high school. I was a bit caught of guard.

    The grammar/punctuation was the worst! English is by far my BEST subject. I always receive straight A's. Not so much on this exam! I bombed the grammar/punctuation section. I'm not sure what happened... I think it might have been because it was the last section in a grueling 2 and a half hour mind bending stress-fest. I dunno! Watch out for the grammar section people!

    Oh.. study fractions and percents too! Overall, I suppose it wasn't that bad. If you study- you'll do fine!
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    You'll do well.
    Get the McGraw Nursing entrance exam study guide. Kaplan nursing entrance exam was suggested to me.

    I felt McGraw was onpoint as for Science. I did well on reading and english. Math and Science kicked my butt. Your local library or bookseller should have it.
    good luck!!!
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    i posted an update of my scores on each exam. it is in the original

    post. i hope this helps you all! if you have any questions, please feel

    free to ask. i'm winging my way through this pre-nursing thing as well..but i will share as much knowledge as i have .
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    Were u able to get in a nursing program???? I am so nervous b/c i am also taking the test in Feb2010..... i feel so nervous, i have been studying but i also have another class that takes a lot out of me. I am almost done and will dedicate full time to studying for all these three sections. I am not so good at math, last science class i took was in 2007 and for english all i have to say is........:redlight:damn I've never heard of those words!!!! Any advice would be appreciated....thanks:spin: