1. I have a good friend...well she became my friend after working with her at an ALF/LTC for 4 years...and well...she has a heart bigger than mine, more entuned than I could ever be, and the best that this human race has to offer...and I don't EVER say that without my most heartfelt truth!

    She just got a job where I work...about time since she applied 4 months ago! She is a CNA, but most times forced to pick between her duties and RN duties so much..that I don't doubt she could take NCLEX and pass...again..my faith in her is that high!

    She is going to be working with me soon...but both of us worked in a LTC/ALF for a long time..her so much more than I. When she told the residents and staff she was leaving (A relief for me!) it was met with much tears..sadness... That can't help the transition..but part of the journey!

    Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for a wonderful woman that gave her all to her patients/residents...yet needs to move on beyond a company that just tore apart their benifits (to nothing but maybe the individual working!), and vaccations (no more!) and has worked there 6-7 years?

    I want to copy this for her...it could make it better for her!

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