Team Work? - page 2

Do the nurses that you work with give you a helping hand if you need it or do they ignore you and let you struggle? I work with two other nurses on nights. Usually it's myself and one or the other... Read More

  1. by   Fgr8Out

    Some people are just plain "odd"... we have a few of these odd ducks where I work, too. Don't take it personally... I'll bet if you talked with other nurses you'd find they too, get the same impression from this nurse.

    Don't ever let the bad behavior of another person set the tone or detract from your own GOOD behavior.

  2. by   RNinICU
    I work in a unit where for the most part, everyone pitches in and helps. Even people who don't like each other will help with patient care. There are a few people who won't do anything extra, but even those people get help when they need it. NO ONE will ever let a patient suffer in our unit because of problems between personnel.