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I'm taking ACLS for the first time this month and I'm getting a bit nervous. :eek: At my old job, the floor nurses were the code team. I've been in quite a few codes doing various... Read More

  1. by   Stormy
    ACLS is not mandatory here. Everyone has it though, and it has become a standard for staff in ICU and ER. There is some reluctance on the part of employers to make it mandatory because of the financial impact.

    All the staff in ICU have their tuition paid and they get paid educational days for the weekend. We encourage staff to take it by ensuring they are paid.

    The reluctance to make it mandatory stems from a union grievance filed in another facility where courses such as this are mandatory. The staff feel that even their study and preparation time should be paid by the hospital.
  2. by   ceecel.dee
    Study your ECG rhythm strips and you'll do fine.
  3. by   aussie oi oi oi
    Dear Jules,

    I am sure that you will be fine, I recently did ACLS according to the American heart association which is bizarre as I work in Saudi Arabia, but I flew through it and ACLS seems to be more student friendly these days. My advice is learn your rhthyms, know your drugs and remember if all fails give amiodarone!!!!!!

    ACLS is a team approach and as a team there may be one person more comfortable with drug administration, scribing, compressions etc, work together and work safe. If you know that you have studied then you are more confident before you even start and remember the dummies can take a lot from us!!!!

    Most of all relax, enjoy the day away from the unit and remember that it is supposed to be a learning experience. We have all been there and know how nerve racking it can be. I am sure that you will be fine, I will eat a piece of chocky cake to celebrate when you pass, so let us know. And if the worse happens (which it won't) the we will eat some chocky cake and tim tams to consule you............ nah celebrating sounds better!

    If all fails think of the instructor in their underwear and forgetting to put their false teeth in on that day!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   suzannasue
    The first time I took ACLS,long ago,the course was very intimidating and the instructors seemed to revel in their "power" to fail the enlistees. One instructor got in my face and insulted my genetic background...so,I ran out and sat in the car. I can laugh about it now,but at the time, I was completely humiliated. Many years have passed and the course is more friendly,more emphasis on "team playing" . I agree with the posters who have told you to be prepared. Study,have a good knowledge base when you go in there. Keep us updated. Take a deep breath and do your best!!!!!
  5. by   VictoriaG
    Passing ACLS is not difficult, they walk you through it. The hard part for me is keeping up on it. I have a mental block with rhythm strips, and use flash cards to keep myself refreshed. You will never regret getting ACLS, it makes you more marketable, no matter what your specialty.