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I'm a newly licensed registered nurse who will start working next month. As you probably guessed, I took the night shift position. I'm all geered up for hard working and uncoming changes in my daily... Read More

  1. by   adellisrn
    I often take a gravol when I get home in the am.
  2. by   JennieBSN
    Originally posted by adellisrn:
    <STRONG>I often take a gravol when I get home in the am. </STRONG>
    Scary...I actually know what gravol!
  3. by   moonshadeau
    need to take my own advice and turn off that damn answering machine!!!!!!!
  4. by   sharann
    Hi nugewha93,
    I'm a recent grad (6 months experience) and just got off orientation of 3 months during days.Days were great in the biorhythm sense,and the doc's and ancillary staff were easier to reach.BUT, having been on nights again(did it my 1st 3 months at another hosp),I must admit I find the night crew more friendly and kickback.There is more detail oriented stuff to do...stocking,updating care plans,crash cart check etc..,but after 11pm things do get slower and easier.Much more oppurtunity to LEARN when you are new.Also, my advice is the same as hotspam,kday and the others,and that is to stay in the night mode on off days.Switching back and forth is hell on your body and mind(thats how I lost mine my first night job 6 mos ago!).It may be annoying and take getting used to,but you have to trick your body into the new role reversal.Hey,it's 2:30a.m here,and I feel pretty perky! Good blinds and blankies help as weel. Good luck, and if you hate it,you can threaten to leave if not switched to days after a trial period,say 3 months.