Survey Fentanyl drips

  1. What sort of Fentanyl drips are your' facilities using?? Our facility only stocks 5000 mcg bags, which are unlocked!!! Does this seem like a recipe for disaster to anyone else. I want to work on changing our policy and setting up a different system. Who's works? Whoes doesn't?? Give me your' feedback. Thanks!
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  3. by   PrairieRN
    My institution uses 2500mcg/250ml mix. We do not lock our drips but I work in ICU setting and the drips are considered secure do to the close monitoring.
  4. by   Transplant-BSNTx
    My facility stocks the pre-mixed 2000mcg/100ml bags of fentanyl which is kept secured in our medication pyxis. However, I too work in the ICU. The only departments that stock the pre-mixed fentanyl bags are ER/ICU/OR/Palliative Care in my facility.
  5. by   catshowlady
    We use 1250mcg/25mL mixed in a 30mL Terumo syringe, which we run off an Alaris PCA pump. The syringes are supplied one at a time by pharmacy, stocked in the Pyxis, so they are locked up all around. The only thing that I don't like is that you have to remember to keep ordering new syringes every 4 hrs when you are running at max rates.