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    On my floor we use a pathway for all of our s/p CABG patients. It starts on the day of the op and continues until POD 4/discharge, witha addenda for the patients who don't make it out "on time". Each day has goals that the patient should be meeting, for example, "SpO2 92% on RA or at baseline" "FSBS < 140" just to name a couple. Different goals for different days.

    Does anyone else use these types of pathways?

    We are in the process of putting together a similar pathway for our thoracotomy patients. Does anyone currently use these? If you do, what are some of the things you have on them?

    Thanks a lot for any input you can give.
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  3. by   RNperdiem
    I have seen these in the cardiothoracic surgical ICU and stepdown unit at my hospital.
    I have only floated to these units, so I do not remember that many of the interventions. What I do remember is a lot of getting patients out of bed and ambulating in the hallways, and getting OOB for all meals.