Support Minnesota Nurses!!!!!

  1. June 1rst approaching and I imagine it is getting pretty tense up there in Minn. Jenny P and the rest of you, just want to send my support and let you know we are behind you. Let us know what we can do, and update us when you can!!!! I have been talking with my coworkers, letting them know also what is going on, to get the word out.
    God Bless!!!
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Dear Cafe, thank you for the support. As long as we have your support and you can encourage people not to become scabs, that will help a lot. It is tense here, the rumors are flying, and my hospital has decided to engage in unfair labor practices (they wouldn't negotiate at the bargaining table, they go through the media, and they went directly to the employees with offers that they never brought to the negoitating table). I am surprised that they are doing these things, it kind of amazes me that they are playing dirty like this. MNA is filing unfair labor practices with the NLRB about this.
    I shall try to keep up with informing you of what is going on. Right now I have to make it through my last 2 nights before we strike and make it to the rally tomorrow night. We are actually going out on strike at 05:30AM Friday, so it will be interesting if that really happens in my unit (CV-ICU). We are going out at such a weird time so we don't have to meet or see the strikebreakers.