Succeed in nursing school?!

  1. Hello guys, I need some advice on how to do well in chemistry class. I took chemistry in high school in 1999. The last math class I took was at University California Riverside, Business Calculus, in 2003. I have a bachelor in Business Administration but now decided to head back to school for nursing. Right now i need some advice on whether I should retake Intermediate Algebra or just go ahead and register for chemistry course. Counselor said that I do not need to take any math ir English since I already have a bachelor degree. But I really want to do well in nursing program. Do you guys think I need to retake math to sharpen my math skill or I should go ahead and enroll in chemistry course?
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  3. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    The math in Chemistry is very basic, IMO. I'd just register for chem and use internet sources if you need math help down the line.
  4. by   chris21sn
    I'd say just take the chemistry class, its very basic and simple in my opinion!
  5. by   verene
    Register for the Chemistry course, the math is fairly basic for the most part. If you feel the need to brush up use a free resource like Khan Academy or check out an algebra textbook from the library and work some practice problems until you feel comfortable again.