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Hello to all...Hope you all have had a better day that me. Where to begin, I am a Homecare r.n. and have this one facility that I must go in. The place has never been good since I first walked into... Read More

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    Bellcollector...thank you for your support. Upon talking to my agency, it appears to me that the nursing director has taken the position to blow me off. The actual adm there seems more concerned. Its very sickening to think that when it gets right down to it, all these companies really only think about one thing as being number one....that would be the almighty $$$$$.I will keep trying to do my best, and hope this has a good ending one day.
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    Oh my goodness, I feel so bad for you but even more so for those poor residents. I agree with Karen this is something you MUST report YOURSELF. Each of us is responsible for what we see. I can not believe your agency is doing nothing but threatening to "pull out". For heavens sake these folks are in immediate danger. Something needs done NOW. I am glad these folks have someone like you who cares enough to want to do something about this situation. Good Luck to you.
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    Hello to all my fellow nurses. Just a quick update for you on this horrible situation. I had to go into the "dump" today and see 2 patients. While there I was told that one of my patients was in the hospital in critical condition. She is the diabetic that they would leave lay in bed until 11am in a pool of urine, throw a shirt on her and take her out for breakfast then immediatly set her lunch down. She also has a bruised arm and shoulder from another fall. Just want everyone to say a prayer for her. Im hoping that she improves, BUT, is discharged to a skilled facility never to see this dump she lives in again. I had to laugh to myself how some of them were coming up to me and saying how bad they felt and how much they missed her. Thats all fine and good, but when they had her, why could they not give her a little extra care, being she was so dependant. They say she had a MI, but who knows. It could have even been her poorly controlled diabetes.