Stupid things not to do

  1. I work in home care.....about 2 years now. 1st stupid thing. Giving your cell number to a patient. I only use my phone for work, but we always give the team secretary number, and she pages us. But I was having trouble getting a hold of this girl, and for various reasons, I gave her my cell number instead. I don't know what possessed me. It's bad enough that when I call patient's from my home, if they have call ID, they have my number (I now block our ID). Anyway, she never did call my number, I got ahold of her myself, and when I was there told her to always call the other number since I don't answer my phone when I'm in a patient's home, but if she pages me I'll know and can call her back sooner. Well, I am not working this weekend (usually don't, unless on call), and for whatever reason had forgotten to turn off my phone yesterday evening but didn't reasize it until today I heard it ringing. Like a fool, I pick it up, and the ID is blocked. I think "I shouldn't answer this, anyone I know would just call my home number". So, stupid thing number 2, I picked up the phone and answered it. There this girl is "Hi this is so-and-so, one of your pateints I need such and such and bla bla bla....". I said I do not work weekends, can you please call the main office, they will connect you to the weekend nursing staff.
    I just can't believe I did such a boneheaded thing!!!! Duh!
    3rd stupid matter how overworked you are during the week, never, ever leave your paperwork for later. You *know* you won't want to do it over the weekend! You'll procrastinate all day!!!
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    I used to have my number listed in the phone book, until one of my schizophrenic patients started calling me (thank goodness I did not have my address listed)!

    Luckily she was someone who would never hurt a fly, a lovely lady whose hallucinations centered around angels talking to her...but I was careful after that to have my number unlisted.
  4. by   bravegirlamy
    I have done the same thing sphinx, & it backfired on me also. The patient thought she could call me anytime even on the weekends (which I don't work). She got very angry & held a grudge from then on. Now, I NEVER EVER call from home, or give out my pager or cell phone numbers to patients. Hard lesson, but one well learned.
  5. by   sphinx
    Yup, well I'll see just how angry this gal might be now, when I see her early this week. I feelt like such a dolt. I don't know what possessed me! *sigh*, oh well, live and learn.

    Slowly cutting myself off from the world....haha!!!