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    I would lik to know if any one knows anything about SparkNotes. Are they a helpful for use with studying. There are so many websites on the internet for helping students with studying its overwhelming to me. I seem to have difficulty trying to study from the computer. I wan to know what type of studier I am visual, hearing. ect: Where can I go on the internet to do a test to find this out? Where Can I go to have someone help me with having better study skills I want to work on this through the summer. Does anyone know of where I can look for free tutoring for myself outside of the college? I thought about asking teaching majors at some of the four year colleges in my area. Does anyone heard of work study studenst being able to tutor adult students with learning problem?

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  3. by   nessa1982
    I once used Spark notes for an Enlgish book we were reading, its definitely not to be used as a substitie for actually doing your reading or assignment. You can get them online or buy htem at Barnes & Nobles bookstores. I dont know about free tutoring outside of college (unless you know someone nice enough to help you) the best way to get free tutoring would probably be from your school/college.