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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to this site and new to nursing (first semester student). One of my assignments is to interview a nurse online. I have about 6 questions re. how you got started, what ward you work on, do you like it etc...If any one out there is willing to let me pick their brain please reply. I'll need your written consent before I proceed.


    PS this looks like a really cool site and I look forward to interacting with you!

    oops I'm a ditz and I sent this message twice sorry.
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  3. by   pakRN
    I will check back tomorrow to see if you left some questions.
  4. by   Marilee
    Thanks pakRN

    I'll try to send you a personal message. Still trying to figure out this system
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    That is so cool to be able to do that on line. To actually draw on knowledge from an on line source like actual people is outstanding. The first question I would ask is "Did anyone who is a nurse NOT make it through the 2 year RN program on the first shot?" Don't have to answer :-(
  6. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by pakRN
    I will check back tomorrow to see if you left some questions.

    Love to help

  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    PM me ifyou want some help; glad to help out.
  8. by   Marilee
    Thanks everyone for your willingness to help!

    I've got all the information I need now.

    Talk to you later