Student Question About Pediatric Heart Conditions

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    I am in my second semester of an ADN program, and am having difficulty with pediatric heart conditions. Our instructor expects us to know so much. Anyway, I just want to see if I am on the right track.

    Left to right shunt is a cyanotic heart condition where fluid builds up in the lungs. Lips and nail beds will be blue and is indicative of CHF.

    Right to left shunt is a acrocyanotic heart condition where fluid builds up in the extremities. Extremities will be blue, will have pitting edema, and is indicatice of tetrology of fallot.

    Am I on the right track? I know that there are many other conditions that I need to learn that falls under each category, but I wanted to see if I had the basics right before I continue to learn this info. My instructor who taught this lecture is on some kind of missionary trip in Africa for the next two weeks, so I can't ask, and the other instructors say that they can't answer her questions for her. I also went to her office for help before she went away, and she stated that she didn't have time because she had to get midsemester evaluations in. She only has office hours for 2 hours a week, and the line to her door is impossible to get through. So I thought maybe some of you seasoned nurses could help me out. Thanks in advance!
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