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  1. I work on a med/surg unit - here's what I heard the other day. Apparently, some nurses blew off in front of the student nurses about the usual - short staffing, being pulled, etc. What did the students do? They reported the nurses to the hospital administration!
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  3. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    Yikes! What a nightmare for those nurses! However, a few questions spring to mind: 1) Did those students only hear part of a conversation (obviously the wrong part!) Did the nurses who were venting have valid concerns? 2) Did the students discuss the situation with their instructor? What was the instructor's response? 3) Have the nurses who were reported been punished? How?
    This is a sticky situation. It sounds like the students got an earful or may have misunderstood/misinterpreted something. While I think that staff nurses have to be careful about some of what we say in front of students, we shouldn't have to pretend like everything is all "sweetness and light" in the nursing profession either.
    I'd be curious to hear what penalties the reported nurses faced. Keep us up to date!

  4. by   soundsLikesirens
    That was the thing (part of it) ~ they didn't go to their nursing instructor ~ they didn't go to anyone in nursing adm. ~ they went straight to the top ~ hospital administration. My teeth chatters at the thought of all this self-righteous they didn't hear part of anything...they heard it all. Yes, the concerns were valid. And I haven't heard anything about punishment...don't know yet but I'll dig around and see.....I hope their nursing instructors straightened them out. No, the staff nurses shouldn't have vented in front of them....but to report them to the administration? Give me a break!