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Hello ALL! I am currently an LPN. I will start clinicals in the summer. I have to give up my current full time job as of May. I am a secretary. (YEA()( I hate this job. I have always wanted... Read More

  1. by   Pebbles97ham
    Thank You so much to all of you. This definately will help me to continue to grow stronger. I just wish I could graduate tomorrow, but all of you know it is not that easy!

    I love Nursing School and I will make it. By the examples of some of you, we all have our hardships, but we can definately persevere. It just takes alot of hard work! But like all of you said it is worth it when you get into the field!

    I give alot of credit to my fiance'. He has supported me so well. He keeps encouraging to do more. His is my big tower of strength!

    Good Luck to all of you!

    Thanks Again
  2. by   cluckie
    Hi, I have just started as a student in the UK. Only 3 weeks into it and boy is it hard going, but I am enjoying myself so much.
    I've made lots of new friends and am doing something that I have wanted to do for many years.
  3. by   Mkue


    Im glad that you feel better about your program now and you are lucky to have a supportive fiance

    I have two younger sisters (in their 30's) that are RN's, one is a DON at a Nursing Home ( I think they are still called that) maybe Elder care facility, not sure. My other sister does traveling nursing for an agency, she lives in Ohio and has worked all over the Eastern part of the US. I have 5 sisters total.

    They both went through LPN programs first then achieved the RN later.

    I love this board and I have learned so much from the replies on all the subjects ! A lot of widom and experience can be found on this site, we are not alone !!!