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  1. by   Gardengal
    Another strategy:

    Involve your staff in unit management and improvements. Start with clinical goals and seek suggestions. Have employee driven teams develop solutions to care issues and operational issues. The people at the bedside know the frustrations and barriers and frequently have great ideas.

    Turn complaints by staff into opportunities to develop solutions. It takes a lot longer to make a change this way, but it will be a more lasting one.

    Once your staff begins to see how their opininions, ideas and energies directed towards a common goal can make their lives and patient care better some will start to look for more projects. It can get crazy and chaotic with all the ideas flying, but always remember to figure out a way to focus those energies. Imagine yourseld as the funnel for ideas and aim them in the right direction.

    For those staff who are more business minded, start teaching them pieces of your job. Train your own successors. Not a single one of us is indispensible and we need to make sure that the team is successful. We all want to enjoy our time off and know that everything will be fine when we getback from a few days off.

    One of the key signs of a good manager/leader is that things run smoothly when they are not at work.
  2. by   ainz
    Thanks Gardengal, excellent points you have made.