Strange reaction to PPD?

  1. I got a PPD done about a week ago. The day of the test, the site got bright red about the size of a nickel. The next day I had a raised area that was firm, but not hard, and sore to the touch. It wasn't indurated enough to be a positive result, however, I've never has a reaction like this before. My other PPD's (I've had about 7- last one was seven months ago) were never even noticable a couple hours after the injection. Now it's been a week and I still have a red area (dime sized) that is raised and sore if I press on it.

    There is also a visible mark where the needle punctured and it did bleed just a few drops after she did the injection. I'm wondering if she could have done the PPD too deep and hit the subcutaneous tissue? Could that cause a reaction like this? What else could it be? I'm a little concerned because, while I'm very sure I have not been exposed to TB, I wonder if I am developing a sensitivity to the antigen? I'd rather not have a false positive result and need chest x rays every year for the rest of my life...
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm sorry, but you really should consult a physician, PA, or nurse practitioner for advice on this. As nurses, we cannot diagnose or treat any medical problem, even something as seemingly innocuous as an odd reaction to a PPD, and guessing at the cause is a legal liability issue the wise nurse will not undertake.

    Please call your primary care provider to have your PPD reaction evaluated.

    Good luck to you.