Story: CNA Rags To CNA Riches!

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    Critical Care leads CNA to Nursing Degree Gift!

    Story: CNA Rags To CNA Riches!

    I'm a CNA, at the bottom of the nursing profession's "totem pole"!

    My last assignment was as a 24/7 live-in caregiver.

    My client died of natural causes 12/31/2007. Three months into the assignment my client and I got into a discussion regarding my career path. I told him I wanted to continue my nursing career and become an LVN, with a long term goal of having my own small residential group home for seniors, here in Dallas. When asked why I had not pursued same I explained that it was cost prohibitive coupled with the fact that I was 56. He told me to research the cost and school of choice. On a daily basis he would ask if I had made any progress in the assignment. Out of respect, and because of my dream I conceded and started to research. The next time he questioned me I told him I had found a fast track school but it was very expensive. "How much" he asked? Embarrassed at my audacity I advised it was a 17 month program at a cost of $18,500.00. "No problem" he replied, "consider it paid for and you WILL go to this school". "You are very good at what you do, the best, and you will go far". I was in awe, but also full of self doubt. When he died he left provision for me to attend the Dallas Nursing Institute.

    In addition, I would like to add that I started out at $10.00p/h working through an agency. During my employment he bought out my contract paying the agency $5000.00 so that I could work for him privately and provide medical care. I couldn't do that working for a non-medical agency. My income was increased to $25.00 p/h = $600.00 p/d, and would have been almost 1/4 of a million for the year 2008, had he lived.

    I knew in my heart that all of this generosity was solely due to the fact that in his final days the level of care that I afforded him was of exceptional value to him. From day one he had told his wife "This one is a keeper at all costs".

    I have been gifted with a natural aptitude to research and apply critical skills no matter how daunting, how little sleep, how untrained, I always found a way to fix whatever ailed him. My wisdom and my nursings skills were not born from a CNA classroom. How greater will I be for the seniors lined up for me in he arduous path ahead, once I have my nursing degree? Iam still in awe! This man saw in me an untapped ability to make such a huge difference in the lives of others. It seems so surreal.

    I am in the throws of getting my GED, yes, my GED so that I can start my LVN program. God bless those clients who fully realize a good nurse when they have one. God bless the people on this earth that have a genuine calling and seize the opportunity to pursue it.

    At the age of 56 I do not relish the years of schooling ahead of me, and all the sacrifieces I will have to make, but to honor his gift, my dream, and a divine opportunity I am committed to giving it my best shot. After all, "Opportunity only knocks once." This one is God given through my client and will remain at the forefront of my mind when there are times that school is overwhelming.

    Through the uncanny application of critical care, through the appreciation of one soul, my life long dream will come to fruition, and that is to be a "Florence Nightingale" (with a degree) dedicated to geriatric critical care.
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  3. by   oramar
    What a great story. If only all good people got the recognition you got from this man. I hope he is in heaven smiling down on you. His kindness will continue to benefit people in your care. I have a sister in law who worked at a NA in LTC for many years. She is now in her late 60s. She can hardly walk on her legs but she still goes in two or three shifts a week to care for the elderly that she loves. She lives in a state of semi poverty on her tiny pension and SSI. The only thing that keeps her out of full poverty is the small amount of wages she gets paid at her part time LTC job. One wonders how long she will be able to continue. For years patients and nursing staff have sung her praises. If only someone thought to smile on her like they did for you. I really hope there is a heaven so that people like her can get their well deserved rewards there. Mostly in this life the reward is a kick in the pants.
  4. by   degraypoole
    to oramar:
    i am so sorry your dear, dedicated sister is having to struggle so late in life. but you know, whilst i recived an awesome gift here on earth, the gift of heaven is far greater than any other. that one your sister is guarenteed. life here is a mere drop in the bucket. a gift here on earth is a mere drop in the bucket. heaven superceeds anything we mortals can gain on earth.

    "working for god on earth does not pay much,
    but his retirement plan is out of this world."
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  5. by   TurkTurkleton
    Please don't ever say that CNAs are at the bottom of the totem pole. I couldn't do my job as an RN without them. I am so grateful to have them everytime I go to work. I find that CNAs are much better at providing supportive care than RNs since we're always running around like crazy, and we don't have a whole lot of time to actually "talk" to our patients. Thank you for all that do.
  6. by   oramar
    She is my sister-in-law not my sister but you are right she is like my sister and very dear to me. Her brother who happens to be my husband, is very much like her in that he believes that you do right by people because it is the right thing to do. They do not believe that it is necessary that anyone be rewarded for doing the right thing, especially themselves. They are both an inspiration to me.
  7. by   Leicha
    Gosh. You guys are all just such wonderful people. My first day on this website and your stories bring me to tears. May God bless you all.
  8. by   bjames_ging
    i am just so amazed with your story. I am bless to see people who always gives back and trust someone.

    God bless to your endeavor.
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  9. by   degraypoole
    TO: bjames_ging
    In some cities the American Red Cross has CNA classes. I am not sure if they are free, but even if there is a charge I am sure it will be very reasonable. Some Home Care Agencies will reimburse tuition. Also check D.A.D.S., for a state on line program in Home-care. They are very reasonable. I got my Home Care certificate on line through them before I went to a CNA training school.
    Best wishes.....Sandra, Dallas, TX
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  10. by   bjames_ging
    Thank you so much for the information. I really it appreciate very much. God is so good and He is always there for us. He works in a very miraculous way. What happened to you is indeed God's plan and He only uses your previous employer to make your dreams come true and help other people, as well. Have a bless day.. Thank you for the advice