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Hi, I am new to the board but have been a nurse for a year and a half. i work as an RN for inpatient gyne onc. Looking for some answers to the questions that always burn in my mind! the first... Read More

  1. by   oldiebutgoodie
    Quote from nursemike
    Next time I feel like I need some new challenges in my life, I'm going to try to pick some easy ones.
    Hee hee. Me too! I went to nursing school at age 50 because my other well paying (but unstable) jobs were not fulfilling enough. Now I dream about my unfulfilling jobs!

    Now I am just nervous and not sure if I am fulfilled.

    On the bright side, I have lost weight!!

  2. by   sunneeRN
    Everyone, thank you so much for making me feel normal! Yes, it definately has gotten progressively better, but like I said, I do make it hard on myself. The other day, I found a mistake a doctor made and instead of saying to myself, "good job on finding that mistake" i said to myself "oh my gosh, i wonder if i would have found this any other day?" isn't that weird? Regardless, i'm glad that other semi-new nurses feel the same way as I do. our nurse to patient ratio in onc is usually 7-8 to one nurse on nights. until i came on allnurses, i was told that this was a very good ratio and that it was much worse at other hospitals. now i feel better because i know that on most nights, i can handle 7 onc patients without too much stress. thank you to all who responded. I really appreciate you taking the time to ease my mind!