stiffed by MGMT...again

  1. Lucky for you! lol

    My ex-husband walked out on his job 2 weeks after we got married figuring I would support HIM! I think lots of nurses (call it codependent or whatever) attract that type and actually put up with a bunch of that crap before we wise up. Thing is, we have to put up with that crap from our employers too. Same mindset, different game. As I said somewhere else on this forum, a job is like a relationship. You give it your best shot,put up with a certain amount of crap, but if they screw you over too many times it's time to hit the road, Jack!

    All in good spirits here.

    Best of luck to you in your new life - and boy, am I jealous! [img]/bb/smile.gif[/img])

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  3. by   MissCheevusRN
    Here's my latest fight at work.
    The staff nurses now have to cover a shift on Sat. When we were first approached with it. We were told it would be a call position. Now that the schedule is out. It's supposed to be a full shift AND instead of getting OT we're supposed to have the next monday off. Of course they'll be bringing in A Per Diem to cover our shift monday If it's light we can go home, but need to take vacation hours to cover the difference...Does that bite or what? Needless to stay I think we'll be calling the Union Rep today.
    Been there...done that?
    I'm getting married soon to a wonderful guy (finally found one of the last few). As soon as "I do" no more full-time slave for me.

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