Staffing Ratios approved in 2 NJ Contracts

  1. Just found out this morning that the Union that represents my hospital (HPAE) has gotten contract language stating maximum ratios in med surg at 1:6. I'm not sure what the other ratios are but I would assume 1:4 for tele and 1:2 for critical care. I'll check and post that info later. The 3 hospitals/health systems involved are Virtua in South Jersey and Englewood and Pascack Valley Hospital both in Bergen County.
    There IS light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats to these nurses and their union for setting a precedent in this state and I can only hope this will be a trend for the rest of the country!
    By the way, Virtua is also giving their staff nurses a $30.00 an hour bonus for any extra shifts. This will be from now until the end of September. This includes if they are already getting OT. Guess there really is a shortage after all!
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