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  1. I work in an outpt surgery center where we have always had 3 rn in the pacu. we do general and local cases and have 2-3 patients in the pacu at any given time, including peds pts. The director now wants to cut this down to 2. We have to discharge the pts out of the facilites ourselves which means leaving the unit. Is there anything out there that says you can not leave 1 rn in a pacu on their own w/1 or more pts. We feel it is not safe, any ideas?
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  3. by   OC_An Khe
    ASPAN (American Society of Peri-Anesthesia Nurses) has standards regarding this situation. I would go there first. Also kids can vastly increase acuity in Phase 1 recovery peroid and are usually 1:1 and sometimes more. How are you going to be releived for breaks?
  4. by   MAP1
    ASPAN standards are just suggestions they should be rules. People never realize that the PACU is a very critical room. Even outpatient PACU and especially with children. I work in an outpatient PACU and this is a policy in our facility to have 2 nurses to 1 child and I appreciate this staffing ratio since children and family require attention. Hope you get can get this straightened out. You can get a copy of the Standards and at least present them to your nurse manager as a starting point. Sometimes we make it look too easy so they think you need fewer nurses - reinterate what you do as far as assessment and teaching etc. Good Luck