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Is anyone concerned about the morale on their floor? Do you have any suggestions on how to boost morale?... Read More

  1. by   Heather333
    The morale in our unit really stinks right now. There is no good support system, especially for new grads like me.

  2. by   moonshadeau
    The few things that I have found that work at least for me.

    Positively identify and compliment your coworkers., and mean it. Only doing this once a year won't cut it. You have to make the conscious effort to make a difference. You have to find the balance between sounding cheesy and sounding realistic. Everyone wants to be recognized for something positive.

    Second, when people vent on the unit about someone, I have asked that they don't tell me names. This way, they can vent and feel validated and I don't inheirit a bias that I don't need.

    But of course too, you need to identify what you think is really the underlying cause of the problem. Short staffing, management styles, etc to really make the whole picture come together.

    Plus, be super nice to your students. Be happy they are there and teach them something. This has been the biggest factor in solving our staffing problems. We turned multiple empty positions into filled positions with people actually waitning for someone to leave.