Soon to be New Grad....Career Advice

  1. Advice Please!

    I live in Charlotte, NC and will be graduating in May from a college in Atlanta (husband recently transferred).

    I have begun interviewing for nursing positions for when I graduate and want to make sure I choose the right job for the long term. I already have been offered a position on a Med/Surg floor but the description of the culture of the floor made me nervous (turnover, three changes of Nurse Managers over the last year etc.) So, I have that offer on the back burner.

    What advice do people have for accepting a first time nursing position?
    Money is the same for the 2 major hospitals in the area.

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  3. by   llg
    1. What specialty and/or type of unit does your heart tell you is right for you? Do you really want to be an adult med/surg nurse or did you just interview for that position because you thought that was what you were supposed to do? I always advise people to go where their heart tells them to go.

    2. After choosing a specialty, choose the hospital that will provide the best supportive environment for you in which to make that transition from student to staff nurse. At this point in your career, that support is more important that a little cash. Look at the length and quality of their orientation program, the culture of the unit, the staff turnover, the stability of the leadership team, etc.

    You want to be in a good place working with good people. It sounds to me as if you have good instincts about recognizing when a unit might have some problems. Listen to those instincts.

  4. by   bobnurse
    I think everyone should start out in ICU/ER..........
  5. by   purplemania
    go with the offer that makes the most sense. Remember that ALL JOBS are temporary. The chances of you staying on the same unit your entire career are unlikely. So make the best of whatever time you are there. Don't fret about making a lifetime commitment.