Somebody Please Help Me

  1. I don't get it. Why is it so hard to understand?

    I am talking about safe patient ratio staffing.

    If you have a safe patient ratio, you have better care.

    Better care equals better patient and staff satisfaction.

    Better care equals fewer Care errors.

    Better care equals fewer lawsuits.

    Better care equals healthcare dollars saved.

    I have been reading about horrible staffing ratios all night. Especially in LTC and Rehab units. I want to make a difference. Only right now, I am really discouraged and uncertain HOW I can.

    What is the best way to get management to understand that we need safer staffing levels?
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    Point to CA.
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    For your reference---

    Good luck !
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    In a perfect world, nurse to patient ratios would be perfect. No patient would get ignored. Nurses would not feel overwhelmed. If you are looking for ways to get involved, I wouldsuggest joining your state nursing association, or a nursing association involving your specialty. The American Nurses Association is a great place to start as well. You will be able to learn information about the more political side of nursing, what organizations are doing to address the issues of our fellow nurses. In addition, look up congress and senate on a search engine...I can't think of the specific web addresses for you. You can look up all of the information about specific bills which are in the works already. You can find information about your local and state representatives for senate and congress. You can write letters.

    There is an ample amount of information available to you. I wish you the best of luck in your search.:wink2: