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I'm new here and I'm takeing LVN course in this fall semister.Then i have a question. Do we study about HIV and STD? I'm just curious.... and after becoming a nurse,can we work at some kind of... Read More

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    Quote from Magic Puppy
    Thank you for your replies.on the other hands,nurses can be that too,right?,but they have license,so they dont have to be.what's the big difference between medical assistant and nurse?What the LVN and RN's jobs at clinic? also what medical assistance do when they work at clinic? any info is appriciated. Thank you.
    It seems pretty clear that you have your heart set on working in a clinic. Why specifically, I don't know, since WHAT you want to do with your day is unclear. I would strongly suggest you get these things worked out before you spend time and money in school.

    My suggestion would be to go to one of the clinics that is of interest to you, and just ask the receptionist these questions. She can either answer them herself (because it's her job) or put you in touch with the MA that is likely to answer them for you (because it's HER job).

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for your info.I appriciate that.