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  1. I just read the earlier post about cleaning up bodily fluids, and now I have a question. I just recently within the past year decided I wanted to become an RN, but now I'm a little confused. I know that it is hardly a glamorous job, but what is the difference between and RN and an LVN or LPN? If this is a dumb question, I apologize, this is all new to me. Thanks!
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  3. by   mustangsheba
    No question is dumb. The difference in what RN's and LPN/LVN's can do is described in the each state's nursing scope of practice. You can get a copy of this somewhere, maybe even on line. We could try to explain the difference but it varies from state to state and even from facility to facility. RN's formal education is more extensive.
  4. by   rncountry
    Scope of practice based on education.
  5. by   wanna B an RN
    I guess I should clarify my question. I want to know how their duties differ (rn vs. lvn). Thanks again, any input is greatly appreciated!