Somalian culture..know where I can learn more? (m)

  1. Hi all,
    I've just taken a new job with a family practitioner who sees a large number of Somalian patients. I am new to this culture and haven't the first clue about them. I do know that they have rules against the women seeing a male doctor. Also, many of the young Somalian women my doctor is seeing are TB positive. Any advice on where to learn more about this culture and TB, especailly TB during pregnancy will be appreciated. Thanks alot!

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  3. by   semstr
    Hi there,

    try the UN-pages or some womenpages on the net I am sure the can help you.
    I contacted a group in Germany called Terres des Femmes, they are supposed to be organized over the whole world.
    They are especially fighting against FGM (female genital mutilation), which is very common in Somalia. (Maybe you read the book of that model, Desertflower, is the name of that book. Very interesting, but also very touching!
    Let me konw, how I can help you, my speciality in educating is FGM.
    Take care, Renee