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Here is the story in a nutshell. I graduated and took my 1st RN job in a Tele floor in Dec. I've worked there previously as a tech. I drive an hour and 20 mins. to work one way, I work nights and... Read More

  1. by   fultzymom
    I think your decision would be based on whether you might ever want to go back et work at this facility. If there is a chance, try to hang in there for the required three weeks. However, if you will not ever go to work their again then you could give whatever notice you want. Obviously this is not a healthy work environment and they can not make you come to work for three more weeks. Are you able to start the new job right away that way you are not without a paycheck? JMHO.
  2. by   fultzymom
    Quote from mom2michael
    I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She just called me and I told her I was done and I was aware of the consequences of my actions but I was 100% OK with that. I asked her what I needed to take care of as far as paperwork, etc...and she said nothing. I told her I would be up to turn in my badge and parking permit to HR and clean out my locker. She said she was disapointed and I said, you know what???? I am too. I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you and for me both, but I can't and won't do this to myself anymore.

    I'm free.........

    Thank you to all that gave me both sides and for listening to me. You all are awesome and great!!!!!

    OOPS! Just posted then read your news! Sounds like you are very happy! Congratulations et good luck at the next job. Sounds like it will be a lot better your all involved.
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    i was lying in bed the night that would have been my next scheduled shift, when the phone rings. it is the charge nurse, wanting to know where i am. i have a three patient assignment (this was icu), the unit is really busy and they are short staffed. did i oversleep? how quickly could i make it in? i know this probably sounds terrible, but it made me so happy to be able to say "um, no, i won't be coming in tonight. i don't work there anymore." still makes me smile to think about it.

    absolutely awesome!!!! that would make me smile for the rest of my life every time i thought about it.