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Searchin for the longest experienced nurse out there. Was just wondering as I was thinking about all the tremendous changes nursing has brought about through out the years. Nursing doesn't seem the... Read More

  1. by   Asereht
    I have been an RN since 1968 after sitting through 2 days of exams and passing to obtain by license. I have seen many changes in nursing during the years. It seems as if nursing is totally controlled by administration--and the bottom line--the dollar, and not excellent patient care. We have seen short staffing, greatly increased patient ratio's by replaced many RN's with LPN's, mandatory overtime, increasing job duties, cut in benefits, including retirement but no cuts to admininstrations benefits, or bonuses. I feel to protect our patients and ourselves a good union is the only answer as we are currently "employees of the whim of administratin". Our priorites should always be excellent nursing care for our patients and protection of ourselves and our benefits while at work. It is time that nurses banded together to fight for good, safe patient care and to have an equal voice at the administrative table when decisions are being made.
  2. by   oldfolksnurse
    15 years as an LPN, 8 years RN - all in the Long Term Care Setting. Wouldn't do anything differently!
    OH, and most of the residents in LTC are under the opinion that they are at the HILTON!
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  3. by   nancyluphi
    I started diploma nusing school on Seot.9,1959.We started out on med-surg floors by out 6th week or sooner, generally acting as unpaid NAs. Have worked ever since doing everything from OR to oncology to high risk antepartum. Now work in LTC facility taking care of Hansen's disease patients. Our class is having our 40th reunion (1 year late) 3 weeks from today and I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends. (Most for the first time since I left)
    I too took 2 day boards and am thankful that I'l never have to that again
  4. by   canada
    being from sunny calif. i started an lvn course in 1971. then after 5 years went on to earn my rn in santa cruz, calif. i took the 2 day test in calif. then years later moved to ontario and again took another two day test. lol working ltc who cannot afford to retire. just paint my walker white and point me in the right direction.