smoking habits among Accident and Emergency / emergency room nurses

  1. dear readers, this is the first time i have used a chat room, so I will try to be brief.
    I am a firefighter in Dublin and am currently doing a project on:

    Cigarettes: Is there a link between firefighters who smoke while on duty and their work environment?

    we also operate as EMT's here and we are very aware that we see the same as the above category of nurses, so there will be the opportunity to extrapolate info across.

    there is no info on this subject within the firefighter world of research, which is very hard to understand.
    anyway, I have been unable to find any similar info relating to A&E nurses which would be the closest group to cross reference with, unless someone can advise otherwise.

    i have no experience in doing research, so i would be grateful for any help with this request.

    many thanks

    Paul Carolan
    Dublin Fire Brigade
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  3. by   ayemmeff
    Hi Paul,
    Just did a search of the boards and this is what I came up with. It's a start for you!

    click here

    and here

    and here

    another one

    one more!

    Welcome to the board,hope we can help you. That's a grand job you do!!
  4. by   pcar
    ayemmeff, I hope I have got your name correct?
    thanks for coming backtome. as i mentioned i have no experience of these forums but i understand that basically you searched within previous messages anything related to smoking.
    some of them are very funny!
    is there a way to find actual research through the nurses.
    somebody somewhere knows ....surely!
    can you advise me how to post my request properly?
    thanks, by the way what area of nursing are you in?
    Paul Carolan
  5. by   RNonsense
    DUBLIN! Hello there

    I have no stats for you, but here is a site for Canadian Firefighters that could maybe help you more...
  6. by   pcar
    I'll try that, thanks
    wasn't Freud Canadian, nice to see he understood the true depth of this race!!
    never heard that quote,very good