Small Town HIPPA - page 2

Anyone here live in a small town? I do, and I find that knowing many of your pts and their families poses unique problems and temptations regarding confidentiality. Yesterday I cared for the mother... Read More

  1. by   fgoff
    I agree with GardenDove. What you learn about your fellow towns people if often more than you bargin for.

    I had to tell people up front that I cannot & will not even acknowlege them as a patient is asked by others. But before HIPAA this was not as easy.

    I would run EMS , pick-up parents that had OD'd or are the victims of domestic violents and have to be in class the next morning with their kid! Plus everyone in town 'knew' what had happened, because they saw these unit at the house......

    It is very uncomfortable! The law may protect me but it does little to ease my mind!
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    I had to laugh a bit when I saw "switch assignments". We have a very hard time with OB coverage and I was the ONLY OB nurse a couple of days ago. Who could I switch with? :spin: