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Can anyone please tell me what this enema is we are stumpped and need to give to pt. Could also be known as a bubble gum enema Called all over hospital could you help Thank you :uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   Mollyz1970
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    Thirty years in healthcare, never heard of that name or combination. Learned something new every day @allnurses.

    Highly support IIg statement + rationale "Why don't you ask the doctor who wrote the order?"

    Re Slimeball enema. What are the amounts of these ingredients glycerin, mineral oil, and water....Is it listed in a formulary or policy manual hidden on a high shelf somewhere on the unit?? Given many oil retention enemas, suspect its along those lines. Unless someone can show you the specific amounts/proportion of ingredients and policy how to administer, your on shaky ground should something do awry....seen several lawsuits over perforated bowel from enemas.

    However, have seen nothing work like the dynamite of milk and molasess enema, especially in my homecare patients.

    Willing to swap recipes.
    Well lets swap always good find someone willingly share ideas thanks Molly
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    Okay, so this is getting gross. Interesting, but gross. I can see the rationale for the stool transplant and can even imagine possibly revising my NPR Advanced Directive (as opposed to NG or PO).

    I'm puzzled about the enema recipes, though. Who first got the idea to put milk and molasses up their bums? Is there physiology behind it, or did people just start filling enema bags with anything handy until something worked?
    Still funny after all these years.

    -bolded by me-
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    What about a bubble gum enema? I vaguely remember hearing about this one?

    I know that the post is ancient, but a bubble gum enema is quite real and use to soften impactions. It consists of Colace Liquid (not the syrup) which often comes in a dropper bottle for peds. Its a red liquid thats given orally. Its harmess DSS. For a bubble gum enema, you mix a quantity (say 30ml in an empty fleet enema bottle and add an equal amount of oil (I think that it was mineral oil) and shake. This results in an pink emulsion that looks like bubble gum and is administeredas a retention enema. This is a hold-ever from the old days when formularies weren't enforced. I recall it because I saw it done as a student for a peds parient who was impacted and who was to receive a dose of barbiturate rectally.
  4. by   Mollyz1970
    Sounds Better then have homecare Nurse having do more cramping enema like M&M one which they never do anyways at least better then slimeball enema too LOL be in diaper for days Especially for MS Patient