Skin Care Kardex

  1. Hi. I work on a intermediate care unit. Due to the acuity & complexity of our patients, we have many issues with skin care. The staff is interested in developing a skin care kardex program that would detail the patient's wounds & the current treatment plan. Is or has anyone done anything similar. I am looking for the down & dirty: what type of info you put on the kardex, where do you keep it, how often is it updated etc. I appreciate any assistance!!! Thanks!
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  3. by   bsnrnoh
    one place I worked had skin care on Kardex with all other tx.

    used a body outline with wound areas numbered. then next to this was an area for notation of wound #, tx and times. updated at each shift change by the outgoing nurse. (everything in pencil for easy changing) also documented in notes and on med sheet in more detail.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   gwenith
    I developed one at one time that was a cross between pressure area assessment tools and wound care assessment. The idea was to do a holistic assessment and TREAT things like poor nutrition instead of just concentrating on the wound.

    Interested if in your readings on this subject you have ever come across anything describing the fragility of skin. We have had a couple of elderly patients whose skin rips on contact with ECG pads (darn things won't stick to normal skin though).