sitting for the nclex

  1. i no not but maybe some one can prove me wrong is there any way i can write to the nursing broad and even get to take the exam with out finishing school i was one month away from graduating can i do that is there any school or part of nursing i could go to and prove that i know my stuff to at least attemp the lpn nclex
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  3. by   SirJohnny

    - Saw your other post regarding student loans.

    - Can you tell us about your situation. What happened with
    nursing school? Can you repeat the class(es) again?

    - Someone else here will have to answer your questions with
    regards to taking lpn nyclex w/out gaduation first.

    John Coxey
  4. by   itsme
    I dont think you can sit for the boards without graduating from an accredited nursing school. What the heck happened in your last month of school?
  5. by   veedot
    i posted the details of what all went on you can read my sad but true story of how this school screwed me out of my lpn graduation
  6. by   MishlB
    Never heard of school screwing someone out of graduating unless it is deserved. You CANNOT take the NCLEX.
  7. by   veedot
    well i guess you learn somthing everyday uh?
  8. by   nursenoelle
    You have to graduate first. Why are you taking a NET test? To enter another program. I would like to help, have read all of your threads, and remain very confused.