sitters being barred

  1. Okay so I am a sitter at a medical center. I have been working there since August of last year. I started applying for PCA and SNA jobs since October, but no such luck. I have had four friends in the same nursing program and year as me get jobs with less experience and tbh, it ****** me off.Is there a massive shortage of sitters at your hospital? At my hospital, there is a shortage of both sitters and SNAs, especially sitters. The hospital utilizes an agency.As a sitter, I feel like I am a massive disadvantage for nursing jobs when I graduate. Sitters can't do anything, not even take vital signs or give bed baths. If I can even get a job as a SNA, how the hell am I going to get a job as a registered nurse?I have emailed a couple of supervisors and the recruiter regarding this. I am at my wit's end and have started two applications elsewhere, hoping for a PCA / SNA job. I have been a good employee there for seven months, and it saddens me that I will never get the necessary experience at the center.RNs, were you able to find a job without PCA / SNA experience? Was it more difficult for you? Is there a shortage of sitters at your hospital as well?I don't feel valued at my job and feel the ceiling hitting my head.
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