Simple Sterile Dressing Change

  1. I am frustrated with the inconsistancies in skills testouts for nursing students. It has come down to where to place the table for the sterile dressing change...students being told to place the table at the head of the bed. Personnally, the table goes where it works to keep the field sterile without turning your back on it, if you are right handed or left handed, etc. The last thing I would do is put the table by the pts face fearing a cough or sneeze. Such a big deal is being made about this, which is NOT on the critical skills checklist (if it is that important to them where to place the table). What is critical is maintaining the sterile field and dressing the wound correctly.
    Just venting....
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  3. by   kishinne
    changing dressing of a post op patients or for whatever reason ,it does not come along with what will be the position of the sterile table together with the sterile gauze,betadines and forcep to be use in dressing on top of it,the importaNt thing to be done in the part of the nurse is to maintain the sterility during the procedure,you have to be in your comfortable position meaning the table is within your reach and finish it neatly...
  4. by   simulationMSN
    I agree. These poor students are being told to put the table at the head and are getting tied into pretzels while cleaning the abd surgical incision, then to hold a penrose drain with forceps, clean around the penrose and while holding the penrose trying to reach and get the drain sponge to dress the penrose. Hard to do if you're right handed and holding the penrose with the left and trying to reach now to the table at the head of the bed.