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I believe it was last year, but it could have been year before, nurses at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita KS successfully defended themselves against a law suit using understaffing as a defense. I... Read More

  1. by   Stacey Tortorice
    All of us nurses should have a way to protect our selves.I do not think that we should get blam for something that we were told to do by the head people that effected the patient and should be noted in the chart and also belive all nurses should keep their own records of daily doings I know that I did
    because they are sure not going to back you up on anything.I know where I work that they do not like this at all and I have had my personal notebook stolen out of my purse and what I have to say about that is that if they did not think that what I had to say in the bool was true they would have never taken it from the start but what they do not know is that I have the same notes at home that were in my book that they not care what kind of a nurse you are we all have to have a way to protect ourselves because I will not go down for someone else that did something that they should not have done.
  2. by   Barbara Rose
    Your management is responsible, whether they want to be or not, when you are short staffed. Follow the chain of command and call for help. If they don't show up, document who you talked to and what time, etc. I have been DON in nursing homes for more than 10 years. I work the floor often, and even 10-6 shift. There are no exempt jobs in the nursing home, not 8-5 and not M-F only for management. If no one else comes, the management staff has to. Check the state boards and practice acts, they can be held liable and prosecuted for not responding.