should ijust be happy i have a job????????

  1. i graduated 3yrs ago and i work in private practice with a md that helped pay for my schooling! So i have not felt to leave untill now! i woke up one morning and realized its beeen 3yrs and this is not what i went to school for. I have always wanted to be a nurse and i feel i am loosing my skills. I have been applying all over for months and i am realizing the recession is affecting nursing too! i have heard from a lot of nyc that they are not offering new grad positions and are considering me one. i may have a job offer at a smaller community hospital in a great unit! am i crazy to leave the part time job i have now in this economy...should i just wait it all out untill things improve or jump and get some acute care experence? thanks for any info.
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  3. by   NewTexasRN
    Well, I understand where you are coming from, but NEVER leave your current job unless you have a job secured. In the world that we live in right now, NOTHING is guaranteed. Yes, you should be grateful a job, but if it's not what you want to do, then don't stay out of obligation, but with this economy, you might have to stay for a little while. But it's up to you in the end to make a decision based on what's best for you.
  4. by   erin01
    well if i am offered this job? am i crazy to take it and risk it? uggh its so tuff=(
  5. by   NewTexasRN
    Yes, it's a tough decision. It seems to me like you are ready to move on. I would say take a risk, but make sure it's a guaranteed position. Get all you ducks lined up!
  6. by   erin01
    yes i am totally ready to move on! its just so fustrating here in nyc and nerve racking! its a lot of emotions too, i have been here 10 yrs and am nervous too. but thanks for the adv=)
  7. by   NewTexasRN
    Yes dear, I completely understand, I'm 30 mins from NYC! Yeah, I'm about to gradate in June and I'm trying to hang in there. I also understand that it's difficult to leave your comfort zone. You know a lot of people and this is where you got your start, but some people are born to do great things and you will NEVER see those things until you move on. Your current employer should be happy for you. The people who try to hold on to you are the ones that are afraid, but don't be afraid. You can do all things through Christ. Tis better to see what's out there for you than to spend another year wondering "What if..."

    Good Luck!
  8. by   erin01
    excatly!!!!!! thats what started this..its gonna be a huge change for me but i feel like i kind of have to because i might just look back and say what if? And i spend most of my life trying to become a great rn! studed so hard and i dont want to let it slip away. It sucks right now to look for a job so my heart go to you also! my mouth droped open when mount sinai said that to me. they said they have closed hospitals and need to honor those nurses. so i totally get it but i was shocked at how much i was turned down. anyway gl
  9. by   NewTexasRN
    Yeah, the hospital where I currently work as a PCT, just sent out letters last week to my classmates saying that they have no jobs for any of us. Even the people who they guaranteed jobs to are being turned away. I just applied for a summer nanny position yesterday. Not exactly what I had in mind when I applied to nursing school. I realize that this hiring freeze happened before about 15 years ago. So one day there will jobs for all us, but I've given up sooo much do this ....
  10. by   erin01
    my i ask what hospital?
  11. by   NewTexasRN
    I just sent you a private message.