Should I Reconsider HHA?

  1. Hi everyone! I have seen SO many posts on the benefits of working as a CNA and I am about to begin a HHA class which then goes right into a job as one. The more I read about how helpful being a CNA was for many people, I am wondering if HHA is going to have the same benefits. :uhoh21: What would you recommend...HHA or CNA for a RN student?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   nekhismom
    What is HHA??
  4. by   abigailfaith
    Quote from nekhismom
    What is HHA??
    home health aide...i apologize for that:imbar
  5. by   nekhismom
    Well, home health aide does a LOT of different things. Mostly the kind of stuff a CNA would do, but a HHA has a LOT of autonomy. So unless you are going to feel REALLY comfortable hanging out there on your own, with no one to turn to for help when you need it, or unless you will have help, it may be hard to do without previous CNA experience. Not really sure, though, but this is just my opinion.
  6. by   abigailfaith
    Thank you for the thought. I have every intention of working on a med-surg floor at first when I finish school because of the invaluable skills I will gain. The thought of being a CNA made that thought a little less scary because of being able to learn the balancing of patient loads, lingo, sights and sounds along with just more of an understanding of the enviornment. I will not be starting any clinicals until towards the end of next summer and I would assume that any outside expereince could only benefit me.

    Benefits of home health aide is the flexibility and there is a class every month. Finding a CNA class is tough around here b/c it is a small area. Red Cross doesn't do it here, BOCES doesn't have one until fall and the local LTC facility might have one in June depending on how well the one that has already started goes. GGRRRR.