Should I get a Bachelour degree in informatics Help!!!!!!

  1. I am an Rn with my ADN. I want plan to go back for my Bsn, but nowi found out about health/nursing informatics. i wounder are there any Bahelours programmes out there for the course? is so where can i find it? also should I get my Bsn then Masters in HI or go straight for it???
    If you have experice in the are please help !!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi omawunnmi,
    I think that you should congratulate yourself for desiring to diversify your learning. I feel that when a nurse obtains knowledge in another occupation, it broadens their focus beyond just nursing issues. I recently started reading articles on health informatics, and I have inquired about it on this bb. From all indications, it will be the wave of the near future. If you are wanting to move up to middle or upper level management, you should consider getting a degree at the graduate level. Of course, this all depends on how advanced the health care delivery system is in your area. Sometimes a bachelor's will be enough. In the states, a bachelor's prepared person is frequently designated as a director or coordinator of a unit or program. Whereas the Master's prepared person may be placed in charge of an entire facility's informatics department such as CIO (chief information officer). From my understanding a graduate degree in nursing informatics would set you up to be in charge of patient care information systems of a facility or a consultant. You would mostly serve in a educational and training capacity. There are a growing number of health, medical, and nursing informatics programs in the states. There is one graduate level nursing informatics program that I have had my eye on and that is Regents College which is a virtual community. It purports to have students all across the globe. I hope to see more posters respond to you regarding HI. Check the other recent post regarding health informatics. Mariah has a good response. Best wishes.

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  4. by   rninformatics
    I think your decision should be based on what you want to do with either degree.
    What are your future career goals and plans?
    See American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)

    for a list degree programs and certifications in Nursing and Informatics.
    You also might check out univesities and colleges in your community. New programs are sprouting up all over the country not to mention on-line courses, degrees and certificaitons.

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