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After I complete a ADN program, will I be working night shifts if I want to work at a big city hospital? Or, do you have a choice even if you're just starting? Thanks for your help. Sarah... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Definitely always recommend the one with the best orientation. Wins hands down everytime. What you do during that orientation is what will shape you for years to come. If you love it, then you will love nursing. If you did not get a good training, then many times you will have issues with many places.

    Best of luck to you.
  2. by   me5115
    I have worked at a small community hospital with a union for 2 years. I started part time evenings, Bid on a job m-f no weekends no holidays 8-230 at the cancer clinic and got it. so you never know, you might get lucky.
  3. by   ICU_floater
    Quote from decartes
    Opinions please: Is it worth traveling 25 miles one way to a facility that has a reputable new nurse preceptorship program over a more local place that pays better? The hours are 7P - 7A three nights a week with every 3rd weekend.
    I think your question would get more responses as it's own thread.

    I've personally driven 90, yes 90 minutes each way for five 8 hr. shifts a week, then on week 12 got on 3 12 hr. shifts (gone 16 hrs a day in bad weather). To some this is simply nuts, I lasted 9 months, absolutely LOVED the hospital and the nursing.... just couldn't keep up the pace. so for me 25 minutes is nothing. Husband drove and hour each way back then, and after a move he still drives it... learning spanish on CD. I paid out the wazoo for a quality nursing program in a private school. So my belief is that it's worth it for a solid foundation. After a year, you can always transfer your skills to the higher paying facility.

    Some places are forced to pay more to retain due to higher patient loads and poor morale, high turn over... be careful. A hospital in SC pays a $10,000.oo sign on bonus if you last 2 years... two friends moved there and quit long before the bonus was due because of a toxic work env.
  4. by   ICU_floater
    OP, with the nursing shortage I firmly believe you can get a day position. Will you get the unit you want AND a day position? Probably not. But if keeping on a day shift schedule is more important, you may have to choose a less desirable unit or home base to get the day slot. Larger cities have rotational shifts, given the choice of 7-3 rotating 3-11 is way different than swinging 7-3 then 11-7.