shift patterns- quick returns

  1. Does anyone else get rostered quick returns?
    On my ward everyone does different shifts, some 5 hrs some 7 & , a 1/2, some 12hrs. I work 12 hrs. We are all expected to do work a mixture of nights and days, which is not to bad when you get all nights together. But frequently we are expected to work a 12 hr nightshift, have 24 hrs off & do a 12 hr day shift the next day. I personally feel ill & unsafe doing this & have so far managed to swap my way out of this situation. Some other members of staff thrive on 4 hrs of sleep per night and do not mind this situation.I need 7 - 8, & it takes a couple of days to get myself feeling somewhat normal after nights. Unfortunately I have a toddler and cannot prepare for the night shift by grabbing an hours sleep, so I am usually awake for 26 hours, but apparently many other nurses never sleep before there 1st night.
    How safe is it to work such a mixture if shifts?
    I used to be much more efficient when I worked all days or all nights.How does everyone else cope?
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  3. by   kaycee
    We don't usually do too much bouncing from nights to days, but it does happen. More frequently for us is doubling back from 3-11 to 7-3 the next day. That's another killer. By the time you get home depending on the drive and try to fall asleep right away(not) the alarm goes off.
    I used to do this alot but I'm getting too old. I work steady 3-11 now and only work the other shifts occasionally to cover for call offs.