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  1. by   interleukin
    My God!!!

    After reading these posts it is so clear that nurses will...
    -turn their lives upside down
    -miss every other important family/social events
    -even shorten their by working nights...

    all for a couple of extra dollars(sometimes less) per hour.

    My hospital is planning a $250 million renovation/addition but doesn't pay its preceptors and offers a single dollar/hr for charge.

    Of course, no one is twisting their arms, at least physically.

    But since nurses have, forever, made these sacrifices for pathetic few dollars, there is no reason that the "leaders" should make any effort to rectify what is, obviously, a gross moral inequity.

    Only you, my good nurses, can say, "No, I prefer not doing charge/precepting until the hospital sees fit to pay me for my extra effort."

    They'll pay a new nurse a hefty bonus to sign on, but they will not pay you a single dollar more to train her. And it is not your duty to do so. It is your choice and the pressure you may feel from the "custom" of having done it so long.

    And when you choose to do charge, and you then have to take an assignment, and then juggle a sudden influx of admissions and discharges, a well as, and a million other expected tasks(because, as you well know, we nurses, basically, keep the whole damn place running) do not, not for a moment, utter a word of complaint over the load and the inequity of the extra dollar you are receiving. For it is your choice.

    We make our own beds and lie in them. If you don't like the mattress, ask for a new one. But don't complain about how you can't get a good night's sleep.