Share your touching moments, please!

  1. I was just reminded of this story ...

    I work PICU and was caring for a 9-year old paraplegic in with pneumonia. She had been in a terrible MVA the year before which had left her paralyzed and with a big scar running across her cheek, forehead, and up into her hair. I was bending over her to listen to her lungs, and I felt a small finger reach up and touch my forehead, right where I have a scar (not very noticeable, unless you're up close to me). "Where'd you get that?" she asked me, her eyes wide with the kind of unhesitating curiosity peculiar to the very young. I told her I had been in a sledding accident. "Where'd you get yours?" I asked. "I was in an accident too. A car accident." She was so matter-of-fact.

    She looked thoughtful for a minute and then leaned towards me, like a sage imparting some age-old piece of wisdom. "You know what?" she asked me, almost whispering. "What?" (I found that I was whispering too, like we were sharing a secret.) "You and me, we both have scars." She reached out again and touched first my forehead, and then her own. "But even though we have scars, we're still beautiful."

    She leaned back on her pillows, and I had to excuse myself so she wouldn't see me cry.

    I'd love to hear your stories of moments that touched you. We're so often understaffed, overworked and tired to the bone. Why not take a minute out and remember why it is we got into this business in the first place.
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